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Action Alert from the Carbon Cashback Task Force:  


By a vote of 49 to 1 the two House resolutions to urge the U.S. Congress to pass “carbon fee and dividend” (carbon cashback) legislation at the national level passed the full House. This result means that HR125 has been adopted and HCR124 has been received by the Senate. The next step is for the Senate to refer this resolution to one or more committees to be heard.

Actions Requested: 

  • If your House member voted in favor of these resolutions, please thank your representative.

  • If you have more time, please inform your Senator that HCR124 has been received by the Senate and ask your Senator to support this resolution if it comes to their committee and when it comes to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.

Here are some points you can make in your messages to your legislators:

  • Hawai‘i has declared a climate emergency, and effective action is needed at all levels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.

  • In addition to taking action locally, the State Legislature should urge the national government to do its part, including passing carbon fee and dividend legislation, one of the most effective and equitable tools available to reduce emissions. HCR124 would do exactly that.

  • A national carbon fee and dividend policy would address carbon emissions throughout our economy, incentivizing businesses and households to reduce their use of fossil fuels.

  • By giving back most of the carbon fees to households in the form of dividends, the policy is progressive—it would protect and even benefit most low- and moderate-income households.

  • With a border carbon adjustment, the policy would protect the competitiveness of U.S. businesses and incentivize our international trading partners to reduce their emissions.

  • In short, this good-sense policy would reduce U.S. emissions, protect vulnerable households, and protect U.S. businesses in the global marketplace.


If you’re not sure who your Representative and Senator are, you can look them up and find their emails and phone numbers here:

Carbon Cashback Task Force


The Carbon Cashback Task Force supports a policy designed to reduce emissions in an equitable manner by taxing fossil fuels and returning most of the revenue to Hawaii’s residents through a refundable tax credit.

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The Carbon Cashback Task Force 2023 priority is the passage of a carbon pricing policy.

Carbon Cashback was a Golden Opportunity

While this legislative session began positively with the introduction of four carbon cashback bills: HB1146, SB1004, HB1498, and SB1060, they have all died. We've lost the opportunity this year to effectively reduce emissions while benefiting low- and middle-income families.

Many thanks to all who have supported carbon cashback. Your testimony and public support have gone a long way to raise awareness about one of the most effective climate policies. While we did not prevail in this session, we will continue to pursue a carbon cashback policy, locally and nationally.

Speaking of national carbon cashback, there is an effort in the legislature to pass a resolution to encourage Congress to adopt a national price on carbon. There will be an opportunity to testify in support of this resolution.


For the latest status and calls-to-action, visit

What is Carbon Cashback?

Carbon Pricing Resources

For additional information about carbon pricing, local and national, visit


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