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Pack of Fish

About Us

Hawaii Environmental Change Agents is a network of environmental organizations and leaders across Hawaii. 


We unite community voices in advocating for public policies that protect and restore our environment, mitigate climate change, and build resilience within our communities.


We share resources and organize our collective efforts to be more effective in our policy advocacy. 


We magnify our impact through collaboration, mutual support of policies, and education of the public.

Our Mission

We empower Hawaii’s environmental community to advance public policies that protect and restore our environment, mitigate climate change, and build resilience in Hawaii.


Our core values

  1. Integrity 

  2. Respect for others

  3. Positive relationships

  4. Collaboration

  5. Evidence-based science

  6. Passion for results

  7. Equity

  8. Optimism

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We are honest and civil with ourselves and with others and endeavor to understand our own biases.

  2. We take the most generous approach to other people as possible – appreciation, gratitude, and respect. We listen, and we work to find common ground.

  3. We collaborate whenever possible and leverage our collective wisdom and diversity..  

  4. We understand that there is a place for protest, but we strive to build consensus, which we believe will bring enduring change.

  5. We recognize that we may have differences, but we share our desire for a healthy climate and environment. We prioritize these goals and aim to present a united front.

  6. We engage in activities that are meaningful to us, and we joyfully work together. Factual information is important to understanding climate and environmental issues. Our advocacy positions are based on research, science, and knowledge of Hawaii-specific contexts.

  7. We believe that our future should be equitable. We are committed to uplifting the voices of marginalized and vulnerable communities and advocating for policies that promote environmental justice

  8. We establish working relationships with legislators and other public officials.

  9. We engage in activities that raise public awareness and understanding of environmental issues.

  10. We believe we have agency, and it is our right and duty as an engaged public to participate in the democratic process. We help to educate others on the legislative process and share opportunities for civic engagement.

  11. We believe that democracy can work, and that we can solve climate change when we convert our beliefs into action.

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