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2024 Legislative Session Resources

The 2024 Hawaii Legislative Session will be here before we know it! To help you navigate the process, we have compiled the following information. We can also address your questions via our Contact form.

How to Submit Testimony

To submit testimony to the Hawaii Legislature, you'll need to have an account (you'll need to log in before you can submit testimony). To create an account, go to the Hawaii State Legislature Registration Page and click the 'Register' link in the upper right corner. You simply need to submit your name and email address to create an account.

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For specific instructions on submitting testimony, visit this step-by-step guide.

For tutorials covering account set-up, signing up for notices of hearings, submitting testimony, and other relevant actions, visit the Legislative Reference Bureau resource page.

Additional Resources

The following are resources related to our legislators, the session calendar, and the overall process. For the latest, visit the State Legislature website..

List of Senators, their leadership titles, committee assignments, and contact information.

This page provides all of the Senate Leadership, Committees, and Committee assignments.

List of House Representatives, their leadership titles, committee assignments, and contact information.

This page provides all of the House Leadership, Committees, and Committee assignments.

Office managers are staffers who can facilitate communication with legislators. This list includes office managers for each of our legislators.

This Public Access Room (PAR) "provides the public with information, facilities, and services to assist them as they engage and participate in the State legislative process." This is our go-to for help with the process. The phone number for the PAR is (808) 587-0478.

The Legislative Process

Demystifying the Legislative Process - This 25-minute video was produced by Hawaii Environmental Change Agents. In it, John Kawamoto explains the steps involved in the Hawaii legislative process.

A Bill's Journey...

Do you wonder how a bill becomes law? Here's a graphic of the process.

Here are details about The Conference Process

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Image by Darren Lawrence
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