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Carbon Sequestration Task Force

Our purpose is to help organize community groups to have impactful support on carbon sequestration priorities.

Image by Ivan Bandura


Promote the protection, restoration, and support of natural ecosystems through

conservation measures in line with the 30x30 initiative (protect at least 30% of lands

and waters by 2030) and greening more of the urban landscape (transportation

infrastructure, schools, residential neighborhoods, urban core, etc.)

Image by Noah Buscher


Promote the sustainability of local food systems by developing healthy soils, increasing food production, hardening food distribution, and decreasing food waste.

Image by Silas Baisch


Provide information and critical feedback on energy, development, and other land and water use projects that may negatively impact the existing or potential carbon

sequestration opportunities to promote thoughtful policy.

Contact - Carbon Sequestration
Task Force

If you’d like to join our task force, please send an email to


Please introduce yourself by sharing with us your name, where you live (what island and city/neighborhood), and your affiliations (whatever you think would help us understand a little more about your background -- if you belong to a climate advocacy or social justice group, your employer, etc.) 


Once we have more information to share, educational flyers, meeting notices, etc., we will share them on the Climate Protectors website.

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