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Decarbonization of Buildings Task Force


Buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions.  The decarbonization of buildings task force seeks to reduce the large and persistent environmental and climate impact of buildings, both residential (including single family, condos, and apartments) and commercial (state, federal, and private). 


See below for bills that the task force supports and actions requested

Bills We Are Supporting - Requested Support


For more information please email:

Updated 4/25/23

HB193, SB691, and SB781 have conference committee meeting scheduled.  For these three bills, please reach out to the chairs of the conference committee to ask them to resolve the differences so the bills can be voted on as necessary. 

HB197 still needs the Senate to assign conference conferees.




Contact Us

​ Contact us to learn more about reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and the carbon embodied in the production of building materials and to join our efforts in this legislative session.
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