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Solid Waste Task Force


The Solid Waste Task Force follows the zero waste hierarchy which prioritizes waste reduction and reuse ahead of recycling/composting and considers incineration as an unacceptable means to manage solid waste. To achieve zero waste, we need to develop new systems and behaviors. We encourage legislation that fosters a transition to better systems to prevent waste from being created in the first place, and either addresses the costs of shipping recyclable items to markets outside of the state or, where feasible, allows for the processing of materials locally. 

2024 Legislative Session

Don’t have time to watch every hearing and follow every bill? Use the bill tracker to stay up to date with the status of each bill throughout the legislative session.

Legislative Priorities:
Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

This year we are prioritizing two bills

 HB1688 & SB2368 – Statewide EPR Needs Assessments for Packaging and Paper Waste

Contact the Solid Waste Task Force

Contact us to learn more about the Solid Waste Task Force and to join our efforts. You can also email us directly at


Jennifer Navarra - Coordinator, Zero Waste Hawai’i Island

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