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Past Events

KCAC Forum 
March 8, 2023

Kauai Climate Action Coalition March Forum featured a presentation by Matt Geyer of Hawaii Environmental Change Agents Task Force bills for the 2023 Hawaii State Legislative session.

Climate Action Now Webinar  
September 17, 2022

HECA hosted a free public webinar on taking Climate Action Now (#CAN) focused on climate change policy.  We learned from different perspectives the obstacles to enacting policies to address climate change and how through citizen engagement, we can surmount these obstacles.  To help achieve this goal, we heard from five distinguished community leaders who presented their perspectives on climate change. 

Our Speakers

  • Dyson Chee – Executive Director, Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition

  • Dr. Makena Coffman - Director for the Institute for Sustainability, UHERO Research Fellow, and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at UH Manoa

  • Representative Nicole Lowen – District 6 Kailua-Kona, Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee

  • Dr. Debbie Millikan, Director of Sustainability at Punahou School

  • Beth Tokioka – Communication Manager, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative

Dr. Gail Grabowsky, Director,  Environmental Studies Program, Chaminade University of Honolulu, was the Keynote Speaker.

The program included a Q&A session, with questions from HECA and the audience. 

Environmental Rodeo

ENVIRONMENTAL RODEO HONOLULU, Hawaii – Hawaii Environmental Change Agents sponsored a free online event, entitled, “Environmental Rodeo,” which updated participants on the most significant bills impacting climate change and the environmental that are moving through the State Legislature. This event was held Saturday, February 19, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:30 This online event was a follow-up to three previous events. Specific bills that mitigate climate change and are crucial to a clean and healthy environment were discussed. The purpose of this series is to have robust legislation passed in the 2022 legislative session. A video recorded update from Sen. Mike Gabbard as well as written updates from Rep. David Tarnas and Rep. Nicole Lowen were provided. Task forces were formed on the following subjects earlier this year, and they presented updates on their activities: Visitor Impact Fee (Green Fee) Constitutional Green Amendment Carbon Tax Decarbonization of State Buildings and Utilities Decarbonization of Transportation Carbon Sequestration Cesspools Climate Justice Climate scientists say that we have less than 10 years to make the drastic changes needed to avoid a global climate catastrophe. We urge all interested parties to join us to ensure a livable planet for all of us and for future generations. ​

Demystifying the Legislative Process

On Saturday, Jan 15th, a presentation on “Demystifying the legislative process.” by was conducted one of our HECA members John Kawamoto. This presentation described the steps that a bill must go through to pass the Legislature, emphasizing the major deadlines, such as bill introduction cutoff, lateral, and decking. It also covered how Constitutional requirements affect the process, the referral of bills to committees, the power of committee chairs, and the conference process. The presentation took an imaginary bill on a journey throughout the entire system of the legislature so that you can acquire a better understanding of the Legislative structure.


A free online event entitled, “Climate Action Planning Forum”, previewed climate change priority bills for the 2022 legislative session on December 4th, 2021. The event was sponsored by the environmental organizations that comprise Hawaii Environmental Change Agents. Dr. Chip Fletcher kicked off the event with a presentation that included his thoughts about COP26 and his guidance on climate actions. Environmental Chairs - Rep. Nicole Lowen, Sen. Mike Gabbard, and Rep. David Tarnas - discussed their climate policy priorities. The event featured seven breakout sessions where deeper discussions were held. These included: - Carbon Pricing and Cashback - Visitor Impact Fee - Green Constitutional Amendment - Decarbonization of Electricity and State Buildings - Carbon Sequestration - Decarbonization of Transportation - Local Land and Water “This is a follow-up to our event on Sept. 18, which brought together environmental leaders in the State Legislature and environmental organizations," said John Kawamoto, a member of the event planning committee. “They shared their priority environmental issues with the hope of building support for them. At the upcoming event, the issues will be narrowed to those that impact climate change, and specific bills will be discussed. The ultimate goal remains the same -- to pass legislation that will benefit the people of Hawaii.” “The extreme weather caused by climate change is becoming more severe and more pervasive throughout the world,” said Charley Ice, another member of the event planning committee. “The international gathering in Glasgow for the Paris Agreement (“COP26”) could not be more unanimous and clear: we must significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the next decade in order to keep the earth habitable. If the present trend of increasing the burning of fossil fuel continues, devastation will occur on such a large scale that it will fully undermine civilization as we know it. Climate change is such a large and complex issue that a multi-faceted approach is needed. We will explore Hawaii’s most effective, practical alternatives at this event.” The environmental organizations sponsoring this event include Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Climate Reality Project, Climate Protectors, 350.Hawaii, Hawaii Electronic Vehicle Association, Our Revolution Hawaii, the Environmental Caucus of the Hawaii Democratic Party, For the Fishes, and the Environmental Justice Task Force of Faith Action for Community Equity.

Hawaii Environmental Change Agents

HONOLULU, Hawaii - A recent online event with more than one hundred attendees reminded us what democracy looks like, infused with the spirit of aloha and laulima for our sacred 'aina here in Hawaii. This online gathering, entitled "Hawaii Environmental Change Agents" was held on September 18, 2021. Seventeen of Hawaii's environmental organizations hosted this affair to talk story alongside three Chairs of the State Legislative Committees that are responsible for environmental issues. The three featured Committee Chairs were Senator Mike Gabbard, Chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Environment; Representative Nicole Lowen, Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection; and Representative David Tarnas, Chair of the House Committee on Water and Land. The three features Chairs reviewed their progress on environmental legislation during this past 2021 session, and then previewed environmental areas and issues that will be their focus in the upcoming 2022 legislative session, followed by Q & A. Then, seventeen non-profits shared their priority areas regarding environmental issues and found intersecting priorities among not only the environmental non-profits but also with the three participating Chairs. Participant Martha explained it best when referring to why this event was so important, stating “It means we don't overlap each other except we support each other. We need to let the legislators know that we are united, we are on this, and we do not accept the concept of gradually we can let this happen because we know this is a code red and we need to act ASAP. United (as non-profit environmental organizations) we truly do stand." Senator Mike Gabbard stated graciously, “I wish we would have started this twelve years ago when I first became Chair of the Environment Committee," and adding, this is "laulima-- many hands, minds and hearts working together." The environmental organizations sponsoring this event were Sierra Club Big Island, Environmental Justice Task Force of Faith Action for Community Equity, The Nature Conservancy, Blue Planet Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Oahu, Citizens Climate Lobby: Hawaii chapters, Environmental Caucus of the Democratic Party,, Hawaii, Aina Aloha Economic Futures, For the Fishes, Climate Protectors Hawaii, Hawaii Reef and Ocean Coalition, Our Revolution Hawaii, , Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition, Kauai Climate Action Coalition, Hawaii Electric Vehicle Association, Climate Reality Project, and Wastewater Alternatives and Innovations.

Climate Change - Global Problem Local Solutions

A free webinar on climate change and its effects by national authority and professor of Earth Sciences at UH Manoa, Dr. Charles “Chip” Fletcher on Saturday May 8th at 9am HST. This event included breakout sessions from these organizations: Citizens’ Climate Lobby Climate Protectors Climate Reality Leadership Oahu Environmental Caucus of Democratic Party Faith Action for Community Equity – Environment Justice Task Force Hawaii EV Association Hawaii Youth Climate Coalition Kauai Climate Action Coalition The Nature Conservancy, Hawaiʻi and Palmyra Protect & Preserve Hawaii Surfrider Oahu

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