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Clean Power Task Force (CPTF)


​Mission: To advance Hawaii’s net-zero carbon goals and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions associated with power generation and delivery with RPS legislative reforms...


thereby enabling and achieving 100% of the state’s electric utilities transition to zero-emissions renewable power sources and services.

2023 Hawaii Legislative Objectives

  1. Re-introduce and sponsor Senator Gabbard’s Bill SB 2971 ... removes trees, wood pellets, and other wood products applied or made for burning as “qualified” RPS fuel source energy substitutes.

  2. Introduced energy reform bill SB 424, sponsored by Senator Gabbard, which calls for the elimination of BIOMASS fuels from state RPS renewable energy definitions.

  3. Enable Hawaii’s clean energy economy through all available legislative avenues.

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Contact us to learn more about the Clean Power Task Force and to join our efforts to enable legislation to accelerate our transition to clean, renewable energy.

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