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  • The Decarbonization of Transportation Task Force advocates for legislation accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. This task force is led by Hawaii EV Association. Visit their EV Policy Advocacy page for information on relevant EV bills.


  • The Decarbonization of Buildings Task Force seeks to reduce the large and persistent environmental and climate impact of buildings - residential (including single-family, condos, and apartments) and commercial (state, federal, and private).  Buildings are responsible for almost 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions.  Learn more


  • The Clean Power Task Force advocates for legislation that accelerates the transition of utilities' electricity from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. Learn more.


  • The Carbon Cashback Task Force supports legislation that taxes fossil fuel distributors to discourage the consumption of fossil fuels and distributes the tax revenue to people in equal shares, creating a net financial benefit for most Hawaii families. To support carbon cashback legislation, visit the Carbon Cashback Action page.


  • The Oceans Task Force advocates for legislation prohibiting sunscreens with harmful ingredients to reefs, legislation that prohibits the gathering of aquarium fish from Hawaii’s waters, and legislation that accelerates the conversion of Hawaii’s 88,000 cesspools, which are polluting groundwater and surface waters.

  • The Hawaii Green Fee Task Force is on a mission to build visitor stewardship, conserve our cultural and natural resources, and invest in our ʻāina with a visitor green fee. Visit the Hawai’i Green Fee website for more information.

  • The Green Constitutional Amendment Task Force advocates for legislation that would put up for vote an amendment to the State Constitution to give everyone the right to a clean, healthy environment.

  • Carbon Sequestration Task Force - Our purpose is to help organize community groups to promote the protection, restoration, and support of natural ecosystems. We support the sustainability of local food systems by developing healthy soils, increasing food production, hardening food distribution, and decreasing food waste.  We provide information and critical feedback on energy, development, and other land and water use projects that may negatively impact the existing or potential carbon sequestration opportunities to promote thoughtful policy. Learn more.

  • The Climate Justice and Social Equity Task Force supports policies that address climate justice and social equity


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